I have this ability to look at something and be able to figure out how to knit it. Years ago I thought to myself, “I want to knit some hearts!” so I did.

Recently I have been thinking about those hearts and what I could make with a mess of them. At first I thought of a scarf but I have so many of those. Then I figured why not make the next best thing – a knit headband that not only looks cute but warms your ears – and that’s what I made.

I also like the way the neck tie looks.

These hearts were made with really nice yarns that I had lying around but couldn’t really make a huge garment with. They are alpaca, cashmere, mohair, angora, and merino wool. Perfectly warm, soft, and pretty.

I made some hearts of varying sizes and sewed them together and voila! a fun way to keep ears warm.

One of the reasons I love winter is because it prompts you to think of new and fun ways to stay warm. Yay winter!