FINALLY an update! I fixed that awfulness – yes I did.

Now technically, these tights should have been done by now but after I fixed the seam and got to about where they were in that last post, I realized something else was wrong…

What was it? Well, I was a little *too* good with my gauge and they were looking more like leggings than tights. If I wanted leggings, they would have been perfect but that is not what I wanted. I was so distracted with the seam that I wasn’t paying attention to the fact that they weren’t stretching like tights should. I pondered it some more and invited a friend over to give her opinion and she echoed my thoughts – they looked good, but looked more like leggings than tights – which wasn’t what I was going for. Bugger, I had to rip these again!

Well, third time must be a charm because now the first leg is done and it fits PERFECTLY. Also, since I did all the trying on, measure, knit, repeat already, the next leg will go by so much faster. Awesome.

Also. I have a secret. This was my first sock:

Really. I did it using this chart, which worked perfectly. It is a great general sock “recipe” and I highly recommend using it.