Hello! It has been a while, hasn’t it? Funny how when the weather cools down the knitting needles (and ideas) go into overtime. I finally finished my first official project of the season, Rowan Magazine’s Wayfarer.

If you aren’t familiar with this pattern, it can be found in issue 48 of the magazine. It is basically two loops that are linked together and create a sort of non-traditional sweater. After the jump, the magazine photo and a few others of mine.

This is how it looks in the magazine:

I made this using two strands of Habu’s natural merino wool. I also shaved about an inch off the width so it wouldn’t be so overpowering when finished.
I found the first loop was quick to finish because the pattern was changing, however, the second loop was *so* redundant that it took me ages to motivate to finish it. If you decide to make this, remember to bind off the edges loosely! I didn’t and might go back and correct that.

But! I am happy it is done, I will be wearing it often and I am so looking forward to deciding on my next project!