Ahh see I forgot to share this when I finished it *last year*.  Again, that was mostly due to my slooooooow computer that really couldn’t handle much.  Anyways, last fall, I knitted this cabled situation, and the pattern came from Rowan.  Let’s not talk about how I basically had to rewrite the pattern because the charts were halfway helpful, but that is how it goes, yes?

Anyways, I thought I had bought enough yarn to finish, when I was starting the back I realized I needed ONE more skein of yarn. Well, I could not find the same dyelot anywhere when I thought I had found it online. This online shop said they had one more skein of this dyelot, when lo and behold, what they sent was not the same. I can totally see the break in the color, it is subtle, but it is there. No one else notices though.

Anyways, that was my big project from last fall. No idea what it will be this fall…