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The Fall/Winter ’10 collections are wrapping up and while one would think knitwear would rule the runways at this time that isn’t always the case.

Thank goodness for D&G and Prada because this season they really brought out the knitwear. D&G was all about fair-isle. They even created a sheer flowy fabric that is printed to look like traditional fair-isle. Prada took a slightly different approach by creating knitwear that any 1960s futuristic housewife would love to wear. Below are some pics of the looks – all photos credited to

A body conscious look from D&G:

And some awesome socks by Prada:

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It started with inspiration and went through a few bumps in the road before they got on track – but! – eat your heart out Chanel because my fuzzy cashmere tights are done!

And I think I still have a few weeks to get some use from them, no?

I found this dusty German knitting magazine from the late 70s. I would have bought it but I knew if I did I would be google translating all the patterns and would likely get distracted from other projects I should be finishing.

Anyways, I took a picture of one of the sock spreads. I love the ones in the middle and on the right. Hopefully it is a nice little bit of inspiration for you.

A larger version can be seen here.

Flickr has this really good Vintage Knitting Pool that has a lot of nice images of vintage knitting patterns and objects.

Here is a sampling of what you will find there.

There were a lot of great images that didn’t allow linking so click the link above to see more.

I just bought some pretty fabulous yarn!

It is from Italy and 50% Cashmere and 50% Merino Wool. It is about 1000 yards and some sort of “white that has been dipped in dirty dishwater” color.

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I was looking through ebay and found some really nice vintage knits.

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