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Just a quick announcement. If you live in New York and are looking to learn how to knit (or know someone who is), I will be teaching three different knitting classes at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn.

I will be teaching an intro class that will teach people the basics of knitting, another class will make these slippers, and the third will go through making this skirt.

So if you are looking to learn, I will be happy to teach you – Yay knitting!


I finally got to work on this dreamy yarn and am making tights.

I had a few false starts and had to rip it back a bit already but this time… I got really far and discovered I had an evil (and ugly) spiraling seam.

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OK. I don’t know about you, but when I want to learn a new knitting technique, I tend to teach myself. First I will try it from looking at a book, if that fails, I will look for a video. If that fails, then I will go to a LYS and consult with someone there. I usually sort it with the first and second step, but when trying to learn fair-isle or multi-colored knitting I could not find a good video. Why? Because I knit Continentally.

While I also know how to knit using the English method, I prefer Continental. All of the videos I was finding, showed either the English method or Continental on one hand and English on the other. I’m sorry, I am not looking to juggle… There had to be a better way.

I went to consult with someone who knew what they were doing, and while they knit English method, I realized I needed to keep the yarns separate on the same hand and went home to sort it out.

After I figured it out, I randomly decided to make a video demo on the fly (definately not rehearsed, hence the *proper* dialogue – mega eye roll) to help other people who might be looking to learn like I was.

Check it out – hopefully it will be helpful to someone out there! :]

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