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Remember this and this? Well, they became these fun knee-high socks!

I call them Springtime Color Block Socks – which kind of rhymes. They are made from that yummy cashmere with some fun flecks of Koigu Merino.

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Early in the fall, right after I caught the fair-isle knitting bug, I went to the yarn store and picked out a lovely color scheme (wrote it down even!) and promised I would find something to do with it.

Fast forward a few months, and I went back to the same yarn store. In a cleaning frenzy I had thrown out the raggedy receipt that I had scrawled the colors on and was trying to find that color magic. Sadly a key color was not there but I did come up with something kind of similar.

A mix of Koigu that I purchased and that I already had in the stash. The photo doesn’t quite do the colors justice. Also, the moral of this story: if you find a magical color scheme – write it down and DON’T THROW IT OUT. 🙂

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