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Hello!  Sorry, it has been a while yet again.  My computer was dying and made it completely impossible to browse on the internet much less upload photos and post things.  Que sera sera…

In the meantime, I have been thinking up projects and made these mitten-glove things as an adaptation of a vintage pattern for fair-isle mittens.

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Since it is getting warmer, it is harder to motivate to knit. Something about the heat…

I have been dreaming of fall and lovely things to knit. I am busy *thinking* of my next project. I think it will be some sort of clothing. Perhaps a skirt… Well at least that will be a start.

In the meantime, I have been making pillows. Here is one of my latest in purple and pinks. They are fairly quick to make, and you know, I might just start another one…

The Fall/Winter ’10 collections are wrapping up and while one would think knitwear would rule the runways at this time that isn’t always the case.

Thank goodness for D&G and Prada because this season they really brought out the knitwear. D&G was all about fair-isle. They even created a sheer flowy fabric that is printed to look like traditional fair-isle. Prada took a slightly different approach by creating knitwear that any 1960s futuristic housewife would love to wear. Below are some pics of the looks – all photos credited to

A body conscious look from D&G:

And some awesome socks by Prada:

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OK. I don’t know about you, but when I want to learn a new knitting technique, I tend to teach myself. First I will try it from looking at a book, if that fails, I will look for a video. If that fails, then I will go to a LYS and consult with someone there. I usually sort it with the first and second step, but when trying to learn fair-isle or multi-colored knitting I could not find a good video. Why? Because I knit Continentally.

While I also know how to knit using the English method, I prefer Continental. All of the videos I was finding, showed either the English method or Continental on one hand and English on the other. I’m sorry, I am not looking to juggle… There had to be a better way.

I went to consult with someone who knew what they were doing, and while they knit English method, I realized I needed to keep the yarns separate on the same hand and went home to sort it out.

After I figured it out, I randomly decided to make a video demo on the fly (definately not rehearsed, hence the *proper* dialogue – mega eye roll) to help other people who might be looking to learn like I was.

Check it out – hopefully it will be helpful to someone out there! :]

I was looking through ebay and found some really nice vintage knits.

I have these incredible vintage (as in victorian era) down pillows that I scored years ago on ebay. Thing is, the fabric being as old as it was, started to come apart and while that was sad, the pillows remain perfectly fine and they don’t make pillows like this anymore. One day, I decided to knit up some pillowcases to protect the pillows and that is how these came about.

Click below to see more pics and get a pithy pseudo pattern.
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