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Check out this vintage Japanese toy. It is a wind-up bear that knits!


OK. I don’t know about you, but when I want to learn a new knitting technique, I tend to teach myself. First I will try it from looking at a book, if that fails, I will look for a video. If that fails, then I will go to a LYS and consult with someone there. I usually sort it with the first and second step, but when trying to learn fair-isle or multi-colored knitting I could not find a good video. Why? Because I knit Continentally.

While I also know how to knit using the English method, I prefer Continental. All of the videos I was finding, showed either the English method or Continental on one hand and English on the other. I’m sorry, I am not looking to juggle… There had to be a better way.

I went to consult with someone who knew what they were doing, and while they knit English method, I realized I needed to keep the yarns separate on the same hand and went home to sort it out.

After I figured it out, I randomly decided to make a video demo on the fly (definately not rehearsed, hence the *proper* dialogue – mega eye roll) to help other people who might be looking to learn like I was.

Check it out – hopefully it will be helpful to someone out there! :]

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