Hello!  Sorry, it has been a while yet again.  My computer was dying and made it completely impossible to browse on the internet much less upload photos and post things.  Que sera sera…

In the meantime, I have been thinking up projects and made these mitten-glove things as an adaptation of a vintage pattern for fair-isle mittens.

They look like mittens on the surface but the top flips down to reveal gloves with the same fair-isle star pattern. I wanted a contrasting color on the inside, and while I like them, I think if I were to make these over I would pick a lighter color on the inside.

I also made sure that the pointer finger and thumb had access to get to touch screen phones when needed. These will surely be getting some wear once the frosty weather comes in. In the meantime, I am working on a pair of fingerless mitts inspired by The Narrator’s pair in Moonrise Kingdom. Below is a first attempt at a cuff, which I quickly ripped up.