It is cold here in NY. The floors in my apartment are freezing and I needed to get slippers. Thing is, if you buy those slippers with the cushiony bottom, after a week they are lopsided and not cushiony anymore and are kind of a waste.

So I made my own. And you can too.

I was going through flickr last week and found this pic of a finished project which had a pattern link attached.

Once seeing that, I was reminded of the two balls of really soft merino wool that were crazy colors that I had found while cleaning. The yarn was nice but I don’t know what I was thinking when I picked those colors. Individually they were nice, but together? Really? That is why I had stashed them. But! Their time had come because I needed to knit up some slippers STAT.

The pattern is free can be found here and it literally is a very quick project to do. I think it took me an hour/hour and a half to do each one. It also can be a very good stash buster.

As for the color of mine? Well, I am growing on it. They really are comfortable and I am happy to have put that nice merino wool to good use! It wasn’t the yarn’s fault I wasn’t thinking clearly when I picked colors.

Here is a goofy pic of them in action (and my cute tights).